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Singing lessons in Bedford

Singing lessons for all age groups and abilities

Singing is a wonderfully enriching and enjoyable pastime, whether you’re looking to sing purely for pleasure or have a more specific goal in mind.

I'm a full-time, professional, female vocalist with more than 25 years' performance experience and I offer private, one-to-one singing lessons in Bedford to singers of all ages and abilities. 

Perhaps you're completely new to singing and would like someone to guide you through the fundamentals?

Maybe you're returning to singing after a break and are looking to set yourself a new challenge?

Or perhaps you're a more experienced singer and would like some support in preparing for an upcoming audition, exam or public performance?

Whatever your goals, I'd love to help you reach them.

Sessions are held in a comfortable and well-equipped studio space in my home in Bedford and are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends to suit you.

If you're looking for a supportive and highly experienced singing teacher to help you on your musical journey, then please get in touch.

Singing lessons for kids

Singing for kids

I offer one-on-one singing lessons for children from ages 4+.

Lessons can be as structured or as relaxed as you'd like and will be tailored to suit your child's learning style and individual needs. You are most welcome to sit in on the sessions if you'd like to.

I love to incorporate fun musical exercises and singing ‘games' to build confidence and develop technique.  And I'll introduce your child to a wide repertoire of popular and age-appropriate songs from a variety of genres which can include musical theatre, music from films, jazz standards, classical and contemporary chart tracks.

They'll have the opportunity to sing with a professional microphone if they'd like to and I'll guide them through the essentials of microphone technique.

I can support your child through the examination system if they're keen to sit grades.  I can also help them prepare for an upcoming audition or public performance.

Above all else, it's vitally important to me that your child enjoys their singing experience. 

By fostering their enjoyment of music from an early age, they'll be sure to develop lots of positive associations that they can take with them throughout their lives.

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singing lessons for teenagers

Sessions for teenagers

The teenage years can be an exciting and challenging time for our kids and singing can play a crucial role in nurturing self-esteem and developing confidence.

Everything we cover in our singing sessions will be geared to your child's individual needs, whether they're complete beginners looking to find their voice, or more experienced singers who'd like to hone their skills for auditions, examinations, public performances or a career in the arts.

Each lesson will be underpinned by the fundamentals of solid vocal technique - clear tone, resonance, projection, support etc - and we'll explore these techniques in the context of songs that are current, relevant and meaningful to your child.

Every song offers an opportunity to learn something new. Whether you're singing a favourite song from a movie or musical, an original composition or the latest chart track.

If you're looking for a supportive, experienced teacher to provide your teenager with private singing lessons in Bedford then please do get in touch.


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Adult singing lessons

Adult singing lessons

I love to work with adult singers at all levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to explore the possibilities of your voice, are returning to singing after a break or are a more experienced vocalist  keen to hone your existing skills.

Perhaps you’re looking to rekindle a passion for singing?

Or maybe you had a not-so-great experience with singing as a child and want the opportunity for a completely fresh start?

Maybe you’re thinking of joining a local choir or would like to have the confidence to perform at an open mic night?

Or you may be an advanced singer looking to prepare for a particular project or audition.

Whatever your motivation for learning to sing, I’ll be here to help you with your musical journey. 

We'll sing the songs that you love and I'll introduce a few of my favourites along the way too. 

If you're specifically interested in singing lessons for adults, I’ll offer a positive, supportive and encouraging environment so you can discover and develop your singing voice at your own pace.

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My singing journey

I’ve sung for pretty much all of my life and I feel hugely privileged to have been able to make it my career.

Growing up in New Zealand I first started singing at the age of two  - encouraged both by my Grandmother, who was a singing teacher and by my Mum who has a beautiful soprano singing voice.

When I was four years old, Grandma, Mum and I took part in  a local performing arts festival in Cambridge, NZ. 

Mum and I sang a duet together and won our class, while my Grandmother also came first in her section.  I still treasure the newspaper clipping of my Grandma and I holding our respective trophies from that day!singing-lessons-in-bedford.jpg

Singing has been a continous and enriching thread throughout my life. 

From performing in close harmony madrigal groups at high school, to belting out Pat Benetar covers in a rock band in my teens, and discovering the wonderfully rich world of jazz music in my early 20s.

In January 2000 my musical journey took an exciting turn when I met an English saxophonist called Lynden. 

I was singing with a jazz guitarist in the Blue Note jazz club in Christchurch, NZ.  Lynden, who was on holiday from the UK, had gone out that night to look for some local live music.

He happened to have his saxophone with him and so we invited him to jump up and play a couple of numbers with us.

Our connection was instantaneous and we’ve been together ever since.

Lynden and I are both full-time, professional musicians and music teachers here in Bedford.  Our eleven year old son is carrying on the family tradition too as a talented pianist. He'll play you a mean version of Bohemian Rhapsody if you ask him!

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Frequently asked questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] What styles of singing do you teach?

I'm a classically trained singer but specialise in contemporary musical styles including Jazz, Blues, Soul, Pop, Funk and R&B.  I also love the vocal demand and emotional depth of Musical Theatre and the lyrical, story-telling quality of folk music.

I believe that the fundamentals of great singing  - tone, resonance, projection etc - all apply, whatever genre of music you enjoy. I help rock singers work on their belting, young actors prepare for Musical Theatre auditions and solo artists write their own original material.  I also recently helped a man in his sixties secretly record a CD of love-songs for his wife! 

[fa icon="plus-square"] Do I need any previous singing experience?

Whatever level you’re at with your singing will be the perfect place to start.  If you’re a complete beginner then we’ll take things at a comfortable pace that’s right for you.  If you do already have some musical knowledge or performance experience then that’s great too.  We can then simply identify the areas in which you’d like to grow.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What ages do you teach?

The wonderful thing with singing is that you can pick it up at any age.  My youngest student currently is just 4 years old and my oldest is in his eighties.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What experience do you have?

I've performed as a full-time, professional jazz singer in the UK since early 2000.  Prior to that I sang professionally in New Zealand, juggling my singing engagements around full-time work at the Arts Centre of Christchurch where I assisted with the management and promotion of arts events.

I have a Performer's Certificate in Singing (Distinction) from the Trinity College of London and I hold an LTCL (Performance) in Speech and Drama.

I also have a Bachelor of Arts Degree (majoring in English Literature) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. 

[fa icon="plus-square"] Where are you based?

I offer one-to-one private singing sessions at my home in Goldington Green, Bedford.  I'm a 35-minute train ride from Central London, approx 25-minutes by car from Milton Keynes and approx 30-minutes by car from Cambridge.

[fa icon="plus-square"] When do you teach?

I offer daytime and evening sessions, predominantly on weekdays but can also offer occasional weekend lessons subject to availability.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How long is a lesson?

Lesson times can range in length from 30-minutes to 1hr. For younger children (say 4-8yrs) a 30-minute session is usually ample. While an hour session is generally a realistic length of time for teenagers and adults.  I can also offer longer sessions (up to 2hrs) if you have an upcoming event or are looking to work on a specific project that may take a little longer.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What happens in a typical lesson?

Every lesson will be tailored to your individual needs.  However there are three key elements that I’d always plan to include in any session:

1) Warming up - where we’ll use a variety of fun and practical exercises to develop the tone, resonance and agility of your voice.

2) Some time spent introducing or working on a song that I think could be especially suited to you or that offers something really useful for your vocal development. This may not necessarily be a song that you’d intend to perform publicly, but simply something that works as a helpful learning tool (hopefully you’ll love it too though!)

3)We’ll always spend time in the lesson exploring the music that you love – this is your opportunity to try out different styles of music you enjoy, to perhaps set yourself a new challenge or to work on a personal goal such as a preparing for an audition, public performance or exam.

Audition/performance skills

Perhaps you’re looking to apply to a Performing Arts School, are auditioning for a musical theatre role or have an upcoming public performance?  I have a strong background in Speech and Drama, so can also help you prepare monologues, poems or speeches.

Exam Preparation

Perhaps you’d like some support in preparing for GCSE or A level music exams or you’d like to sit a singing examination?

Microphone Technique

Pretty much all styles of contemporary music are going to require the use of a microphone at some point - so it’s great to get to confident and familiar with this essential musical tool.  You’ll have the opportunity in every session to sing with a professional microphone amplified through a high quality Roland speaker so you get an authentic live-performance experience.  Singing through a microphone is also a great way to ‘shine a spotlight’ on the finer details of your singing technique, so we’ll use it to explore essential skills such as tone, dynamics and breath control.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How often can I have lessons?

How often you'd like to come for lessons is entirely up to you.  Many of my students enjoy a regular weekly slot while others prefer fortnightly or even monthly sessions to fit around their other commitments.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How much do you charge?

A one-hour lesson is £30 (or you can pay for a block of three lessons in advance for a reduced rate of £80) Half-hour sessions are £20.