5 ways to save money on your wedding musicians


Booking the live band for your wedding day is an exciting part of your planning.

Live music can add so much to the atmosphere and energy of your day - from your walk down the aisle to your first dance together.

But how can you ensure that you secure the best band at the best possible deal?

In this blog we explore 5 tips that will help you get the very most out of your wedding music budget, while at the same time ensuring that you don't compromise on quality, professionalism or peace of mind.

1) Show the love

Deciding on the live music (and the musicians) that you'd like to be a part of your wedding day is as much an emotional decision as it is a practical one.

Sometimes you just know "this band's the one." You love their look and sound and you get an instant good feeling on first contact. Crucially too, they're interested in you, and they're receptive and professional when it comes to responding to your questions and queries. At the same time though, you ma still want to secure the best possible financial deal that you can for your day.

The skill though is in securing that great deal in a way that keeps the tone positive throughout the negotiation process. Leading with "We'd love you to be part of our day...but you're a little above what we'd hoped to pay..." will be considerably more successful than "What's your lowest price?" or "Can you give a discount?"

2) Use their contacts

Great people tend to know other great people. So if you've secured a professional wedding band for your evening they could be an ideal port of call when it comes to sourcing other musicians for your day.

In some cases too, your evening band may be able to provide additional musical services themselves (such as the live music for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception, wedding meal or post-dinner turnaround period.)

And by utilising one group of wedding musicians, rather than dealing with two or three different suppliers or agencies, you can save yourself both money and time.

3) Keep it Local

Opting for wedding musicians who are located close to your venue is a sure-fire way to save yourself money. The less travel time and expense that your wedding musicians incur the less their fee will be (and with current mileage rates of around 45 pence per mile fairly standard for travel charges, the numbers can clock up pretty quickly.)

4) Book ahead

There are loads of advantages to booking your wedding musicians well ahead of your day - and when we say well ahead we mean a year or more in advance.

Firstly it's a crucial element of your day ticked off your "to-do" list. Secondly you ensure that you secure the band that you want - as popular and in-demand acts can get booked-up months, if not years, ahead.

And thirdly, the sooner you book them the more you'll save, as you'll be getting their current price, rather than their "2-years down the line" rate which will almost certainly be more.

5) Call on a friend

If you're looking to save money on your wedding day music, then it could well make sense to call on any musically-inclined family members or friends to play for free or to offer you a super awesome deal. But when it comes to favours from friends, be sure you cover all your bases so everyone knows what's been agreed and what to expect.

Will your band provide their own PA equipment and lighting for example - or will they be expecting you to hire it in? And are they able to provide replacement musicians of equal quality in the event of illness? If something befalls them and they're unable to play, who will step in to replace them? And at what potential cost?

Ultimately, while free entertainment may seem like the answer to your problems, you may still find it gives you peace of mind to allocate some type of budget towards your wedding music. Even if you don't end up having to spend that money, at least you know you're covered in the event of any last-minute changes of plan.

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