Stress-free tips to creating your wedding ceremony playlist

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One of the simplest ways to personalise your wedding ceremony is to select a musical playlist that means something special to you.

But what parts of your ceremony are best suited to music? And who's the best person to put in charge of looking after all the musical logistics on your day?

Whether you're considering a pre-recorded playlist of your favourite tracks or a selection of music to be performed by live musicians, here are a few tips to bear in mind.

First things first is to think about when during your ceremony you might like to include some music.

The obvious times are for your entrance, while you sign the register and for your exit together at the end of your ceremony. But you might also want to include some additional music to set the mood as your guests gather beforehand - or as a short musical interlude during the ceremony itself.

If you're opting for a recorded playlist then the other thing to consider is who you're going to entrust with cuing up your music.

Strange as it seems, it's a pretty major responsibility to get the finer details right. We do this for our clients all the time and it still makes us a little nervous making sure we get everything exactly perfect!

An obvious choice could be someone connected with your venue (and especially if you're going to be using their sound equipment as they're already familiar with it.)

You could also ask a friend or family member, however you may want to allow time for a quick rehearsal so they're confident with the cuing of the tracks, sound levels etc.

If you're opting for live music for your ceremony then it's just a case of making sure your musicians understand the cues they can expect from the registrar or officiant as when to start and stop throughout the ceremony.

Your walk down the aisle

Wedding ceremonies can take place in all sorts of locations, from country gardens to rustic farms and chic city hotels. So strictly speaking you may not actually make your big entrance down an "aisle!"

But whatever your venue, there's likely to be that vital moment when an officiant announces that you're about to appear and you'll have to make your way to the area where your ceremony is to take place.

Maybe you're planning to be accompanied by a family member or close friend. Perhaps you're envisaging your bridal party leading the way. Or maybe you're thinking of making an entrance as a couple.

Whichever music you select, it's worth bearing in mind that your entrance moment, from start to finish, may actually be surprisingly short. Sometimes even just a matter of a few seconds.

So how much of the song you'll actually need to be played or performed will depend on how long you think your entrance will take.

The formal signing

The formal signing is that period of time when you'll be putting your signatures on any official documents.It's also a great chance for your photographer to get a few posed shots as well.

It's not uncommon for the whole process to take anything from 5-10 minutes, so it's a great opportunity to incorporate one or two extra songs into your ceremony that have special significance for you.

Two to three songs is usually ample to fill this time - or it may be that one song is sufficient. However long you think the signing will take, we'd suggest choosing a couple more than you think you need and listing them in order of preference. That way if it takes a little longer you won't have any awkward sileneces. And if takes less time than you expected, you'll ensure your favourites get played first.

Your exit

So you've done it!The ceremony is over, you've been announced as a newly married couple and you're about to make your big exit together. This is another crucial part of your ceremony where a special song can help to capture the congratulatory mood. It's also the perfect way to signal the conclusion of the more formal part of the day and the start of the celebrations by choosing a song a little more upbeat.

Whatever music you choose for your wedding ceremony playlist, it's about setting the mood that feels right for you - whether you're planning a classically traditional ceremony or something more contemporary.

If you're looking for some inspiration for your wedding ceremony playlist then why not take a look at our blog post which features musical suggestions covering a whole range of genres. You're sure to find something to spark your inspiration!