THE Saxophone ABC Workshop

Welcome to Saxophone ABC – the saxophone workshop designed especially for absolute beginners.

Have you always dreamed of playing the saxophone but never had the opportunity?

The Saxophone ABC workshop is your perfect chance to give this fantastic instrument a go!

You don’t need any previous musical experience; you don’t need to be able read music and you don’t even need an instrument of your own.

All you need is an open-mind and a positive approach to trying something new. Oh, and a love of the sound of the sax will help too!


Courses are currently being held in Bedford on Monday evenings, 7.30pm to 9pm.

Places are limited to just ten people per workshop, so please get in touch to check upcoming dates/locations and book your place.


The fee for the workshop is £25.00 which includes provision of a saxophone for you to use for the evening.



The Saxophone ABC workshop offers a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment where you can experiment with a new skill, learn at your own pace and have lots of fun along the way.

Everything that you need for the workshop will be provided for you, including a high-quality alto saxophone, reed, neck strap and mouthpiece for you to use.

All our instruments are either new or virtually brand new and everything is scrupulously sterilised before and after each workshop to ensure it is hygienic and COVID-safe.


You’ll begin by being shown how to produce a sound from just the top end of a sax by using the mouthpiece and neck on its own.

You’ll then learn how the reed of a saxophone works, and some of the key tips for creating a great tone.

You’ll be shown how to handle a saxophone correctly and safely, and where and how your hands fit on the “buttons” or keys.

You’ll learn how to produce a note on the sax and how to move that first tone up and down the instrument to make the sound higher and lower.

Then you’ll then put those notes together to play a simple and instantly recognisable melody.

Along the way, you may well also discover a few other things about the fascinating world of saxophones too!


Your Tutor

I am a professional saxophonist and saxophone teacher with more 30 years of playing and teaching experience.

As a performer I’ve played in a wide variety of line-ups over the past several decades, predominantly performing with my duo Sax & Honey as well as a solo saxophonist.

As a teacher, I offer one-to-one lessons from my home studio in Bedford and online via Zoom. I also run a variety of small group workshops for up to ten people covering various aspects of saxophone technique.

Having first picked up the sax in my mid-twenties, I appreciate the challenges we can face when learning something completely new as an adult.

What I’ve learned is how important it is to take a fun and playful approach to what can often be perceived as the “serious business” of learning and playing music.

I strongly believe that the best learning happens in an environment where you feel safe, comfortable and supported.

The more relaxed you feel, the more open and receptive you’ll be to learning new things – and the easier it will be for me to shove tons of useful information into your brain when you least expect it!