Saxophone lessons for all levels

Have you always wanted to play the sax but have never had the opportunity? Perhaps you’ve played in the past and would like to pick up where you left off? Or maybe you’re a more experienced player looking for ways to further develop your skills?

No matter where you are on your saxophone journey, I’m here to help. I offer a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment where you can explore this fantastic instrument at your own pace.

You don’t need to have any previous musical experience to get started on the sax – all you need is a desire to learn. If you don’t currently own a saxophone, then I can supply one for you to use for your first lesson.

Teaching Approach

It’s hugely important to me that you enjoy your saxophone lessons – and that you take away something practical and positive from every session that we spend together.

The more that you enjoy what you do, the more motivated you’ll be to pick up the instrument and practice. And the more you practice, the more quickly you’ll see your skills develop.

As your skill level continues to grow, you’ll find that you gain an even deeper satisfaction from playing – which in turn creates a fantastic positive psychological loop which will drive you on.

“I love everything about Lynden’s saxophone lessons – especially the relaxed atmosphere that he creates and his infinite patience.”


In your saxophone sessions you’ll have the opportunity to play the music that you know and love.

I’ll tailor your lessons to suit your unique musical tastes and I’ll help you build a solid repertoire of great-sounding, inspiring and classic saxophone tunes that you’ll feel really motivated to play.


Whether you’re a complete beginner, an existing player or are returning to the saxophone after a break – I’d love to help you develop your skills.

You don’t need any prior musical experience and you don’t need to be able to read music – and it’s never too late to start learning this fantastic instrument.



If you’re an absolute beginner then the first steps on your musical journey are an especially exciting time. And even in just a few sessions, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you make.

So, what can you expect to happen in your first saxophone lesson?

If we’re meeting in person, then the first thing you’ll be offered is a cup of tea. Tea is important! Next, I’ll play you a short tune on my own sax – to give you a taste of the wonderful sound of the instrument (and to reassure you that I actually know what it is that I’m talking about!)

If you’ve brought a saxophone with you then I’ll quickly check it over to make sure it’s in good playing condition. And if you don’t have your own sax, then you’re welcome to borrow one of my own high-quality instruments for the session.


Then we will explore:

  • How to produce a sound on the mouthpiece
  • Where your fingers go and how your hands fit on the keys of the sax
  • How to play a single note
  • How to add other notes, gradually moving up and down the instrument
  • A simple way to remember the names of the notes that you’ve played

    We’ll then spend some time looking at three simple musical phrases of just a few notes each. I’ll play the phrases to you and you’ll play them back to me and we’ll keep doing that till you’re completely comfortable.

    Next, I’ll show you how you can put those three simple phrases together to produce something ultra-cool. I’d like to tell you what that ultra-cool thing is – but that would spoil the surprise, so you’ll have to wait till your first lesson to find out!

    Finally, we’ll have a chat about how the lesson was for you and what the next steps you might like to take.

    I can advise you on how to hire or buy a sax or to upgrade or overhaul your existing saxophone if it needs it. If you’re looking to purchase a sax, then I also have a small stock of my own brand of affordable, high-quality soprano, alto and tenor saxophones that are available for sale.


    “Lynden’s enthusiastic, inspiring and encouraging method of teaching has improved my confidence in improvising and playing by ear – and most importantly in just having fun with it all!”

     And finally, here are a few things that I promise WON’T happen in your first lesson…

    You won’t be bombarded with confusing musical jargon or complicated theory. You won’t be expected to read music (this is something that can be gradually introduced when you feel ready.) You won’t be forced to play songs that you don’t like – playing music that you love is the best possible motivation. You won’t be obliged to book more lessons – you can make another appointment whenever you feel ready.


    You can still enjoy regular saxophone lessons even when it’s not possible for us to meet in person!

    I currently offer online one-to-one saxophone lessons using the video conferencing platform Zoom. It’s quick and easy to set up a free Zoom account and if you need any advice then I’ll be very happy to help.

    I can also show you how to get the best out of your online saxophone lessons experience – from optimising your internet connection, to tweaking your audio settings and how to use backing tracks.

    Zoom sessions follow a very similar format to in-person lessons (with the exception of tea which you’ll have to get for yourself!)


    “Lynden is a true professional. He keeps the sessions interesting with a mix of what I like doing and what he can see I need to do to progress.”

    Lynden’s Saxophone Journey

    I’ve been fascinated with the saxophone ever since I was a small boy. The first time I heard Jay Beckenstein playing Spiro Gyra’s ‘Morning Dance’ I knew that the saxophone was the instrument for me. But it wasn’t till I was twenty-six years old that I had the opportunity to pick up this wonderful instrument for the very first time. As soon as I put the reed to my lips, I knew the sax was something that I wanted to have in my life forever.

    Over the years I’ve been largely self-taught and I think it’s this self-reliant approach that has helped me gain a unique insight into the ways in which people learn best.

    Personally, I’ll always consider myself a life-long student of the saxophone. I practice every day. I’m constantly challenging myself to try new things. I get frustrated at times. And I love every minute of it.


    “Lynden’s lessons are always relaxed, friendly and productive. He works at your pace and helps you increase your skills and confidence without any pressure.”